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Dave's World - Enjoy the read!

Mar 15, 2017 by CEI

The Yawa for today is “How can ProWrite help you?”  We’ve decided to give a picture of how useful ProWrite is instead of the normal protocol of giving instructions.  We want to liven it up a bit.  A more engaged reader hopefully will not only gain a better understanding of how beneficial our software can be but also not be utterly bored to death.

Meet Wayne

Wayne has the tedious job of entering PQRs, WPSs, WPQ’s, keeping on top of expiring welders, and searching for materials out of the code books.  He also needs to present comprehensive organized reports to the management team.  He normally comes in early and stays late, sometimes eating at his desk or missing his lunch entirely.  Being in Wayne’s shoes can become very tiring.

Meet Wayne & Dave


Meet Dave

Dave uses ProWrite.  With code assistance to comply with over a dozen years of code requirements he can complete, organize, access and even sign his welding documents electronically. Welder to WPS Analysis helps Dave indicate if a welder is qualified to a procedure even if they’ve never welded to it. Data entry, continuity tracking, expiration notifications have become a breeze.  With a database of thousands of resources including base metals, filler metals, built-in electrode information, joint images, and more right at his fingertips.  This allows for Dave to come in at starting time, enjoy his lunch and leave on time, no more searching copious code books!

Yes Wayne’s world is not as delightful as Dave’s.  Why be Wayne?  Way to go Dave!!  Wayne, please give us a call.  (If your name is Wayne please mention this blog when you call in for a one-time discount.)

One final thought that has nothing to do with Wayne or Dave.  I disagree with Kay Jewelers.  I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Bud Light rather than Kay.

As always comments are welcomed.  Stay strong, brothers and sisters!

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