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Why can’t I do that in My ProWrite!

May 31, 2016 by CEI
One of the questions we’ve gotten from several customers is- 
why do I need Cloud/Enterprise for that?

In general the answer is the program’s backend  or database. ProWrite started in DOS some 25 years ago with a DOS datastore and then transitioned to MS Windows and the BDE for the database. Then to a proprietary database for the last 5 years or so. With the newer versions we moved to another new proprietary database and added the option to use MS SQL Server (Enterprise). While our latest SimpleDB proprietary database is very convenient (a single file to install, backup, etc.) it is not intended for multiple users. Especially users at different locations. The reliability and scalability of MS SQL Server on premise as our ProWrite Enterprise product or hosted as our ProWrite Cloud product is a massive leap forward for the industry.

As an example of why some features are limited and not available in our proprietary database please see the below chart. This is the database size of a single user entering data in ProWrite with RichText, PDF attachments, and extended continuity enabled. The difference in the amount of data that can now be entered into ProWrite (and that must thus be stored, retrieved and indexed reliably) has grown by several orders of magnitude. The SimpleDB simply can’t support this volume of use.


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