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a hard hat painted with a pressure valve
  • CEI at FABTECH 2014

    Nov 25, 2014 by Antonio Howard
    This year’s FABTECH saw a great turnout. The event covered over 550,000 square feet of show space, with more than 1,477 vendors displaying their welding products to over 30,000 attendees. Overall we had a good show, gaining many quality leads and impressing those who stopped by with our awesome products and tasty chocolates. We're already looking forward to an even bigger and better show next year in Chicago.
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  • Meet CEI: Adam Lusk

    Nov 20, 2014 by CEI
    Adam joined CEI in October of 2014, injecting some new blood into our development team. Typical days at CEI are mostly quiet; Adam can be found eyeballs-deep in information about various software libraries or experimenting with implementing what he has learned.
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  • YAWA: CEI's Renewal Process

    Nov 07, 2014 by Tammy Johnson
    November's "You Ask - We Answer" post discusses CEI's subscription renewal process, including notifications, payment handling, and license updates.
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  • Fall 2014 AWS D1 Structural Welding Committee Meeting

    Oct 31, 2014 by Antonio Howard
    The 2014 fall meetings for the AWS D1 Structural Welding Committee were held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Task groups were developed and upcoming changes to the code were discussed.
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  • Meet CEI: Cameron Gramarye

    Oct 23, 2014 by CEI
    Considering his background in independent game development and testing, bringing Cameron into the QA department in March of 2014 was the obvious choice. He works as a programmer/proofreader/end-user hybrid, writing tests to ferret out any holes in the software.
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  • (Un)expected Delays

    Oct 06, 2014 by Nikki Crowell-Taynton
    Nothing ever goes as smoothly as planned, and returning to our building is no exception.
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  • YAWA: Advanced Grid Screen

    Oct 03, 2014 by Mike Hartnett
    October's "You Ask - We Answer" post builds on September's basic grid post and provides information about advanced grid functionality in CEI's software.
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  • Meet CEI: Jim Shearer

    Sep 25, 2014 by CEI
    CEI is Jim's brainchild. In 1986, he was frustrated with the tedium of his work and determined to find a more efficient way to perform ASME Section VIII calculations. Nearly 30 years later, CEI is a worldwide provider of pressure vessel and welding documentation software, and it all began with that side project.
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  • YAWA: Basic Grid Screen

    Sep 05, 2014 by Mike Hartnett
    September's "You Ask - We Answer" post provides basic information about the grids in CEI's software.
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  • Meet CEI: Jason Shearer

    Aug 21, 2014 by CEI
    Family is very important to Jason. When discussing his wife and son, he says "While we are a small family, we are big on love for one another." So it's not surprising that he says the best part of working at CEI is working with his dad.
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