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API/AGA Joint Committee meeting on Pipeline and Welding

Feb 19, 2016 by Antonio Howard
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The API/AGA Joint Committee meeting on Pipeline and Welding was held in Austin, TX from 1/19/2016 thru 1/22/2016. The meetings were focused on taking a closer look at the existing code with plans to make it better for use and fabrication.  Featured topics included: Modification Interpretation and Policy, Mechanized Welding, Weld Procedures and Welder Qualifications, Maintenance Welding, and Fracture Mechanics. Each small group meeting began with the reading of the previous meeting’s minutes by the group’s chare and then the real work began and moving actions to improve the codes for future publications.  CEI was in attendance, sitting on subcommittees and volunteering to address and help resolve issues within the code.

The meetings also included a Presentation from OPS/DOT asking the Committee to review the API 1104 code and to make it more restrictive in places that give too much grace to welders. I volunteered to look at this issue and help to rewrite the essential variable portion of the that deals with procedure qualification records and welding procedure specifications. This endeavor began immediately following the meetings, in hopes of being implemented into the upcoming 22nd Edition of the API 1104 codebook. I believe that this is something that will improve the code and benefit the code user. For years we’ve asked for a more explicit code and we’re finally going to get it.



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