Release Notes

We want you to know what you’re getting when you download software from CEI. That’s why our release notes and documentation are openly available on our website. We work hard to give our customers the best experience we can and we’re proud of the work we do, warts and all.

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WeldDocs version 2014.0

Dec 02, 2013

User Interface

  • Added CEI's Think Tank blog RSS to the news feed.
  • Updated the news feed display to better match CEI's brand.

Performance Improvements

  • Number of User Account Control prompts during installation has been reduced.
  • Removed the "additional dependencies" installation prompt.
  • Updated to the 6.60 version of the HASP driver. This driver version includes Windows 8 support.

Misc. Information

  • Added the License Wizard to the program. This is a tool that notifies the user when a license problem is detected and provides self-help assistance to resolve the issue.