Release Notes

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DesignCalcs version 2017.0

Apr 21, 2017

New Features

  • Studded Outlet calculations will now take advantage of the seamless equivalent feature if applicable. The 2015 Edition of the code introduced this in the UG-37 reinforcement calculations. For 2015 and newer vessels, the studded outlet material and the host material will both determine if they need a seamless equivalent (this applies to welded product forms that have a built in 85% joint efficiency for their allowable stress). 
    If the material needs a seamless equivalent, DesignCalcs will attempt to find one based on a matching protocol - see Seamless Equivalent Criteria. If a seamless equivalent is found, the reinforcement math will use the allowable stress from the seamless equivalent. If a seamless equivalent could not be found, the allowable stress will instead be divided by 0.85. This code change favors a more economical design.  DC-437

Issues Resolved

  • An issue was resolved that was preventing all of the Temerature/Ultimate Strength pairs from showing in the material viewer.  DC-484
  • An issue was resolved that was causing errors to be thrown during nozzle report creation for nozzles that were using custom materials and had lost connection to the custom material.  DC-575
  • An issue was resolved that was causing the extreme fiber elongation calculations from showing the head forms.  The may update the status on some heads.  DC-535
  • Removed an outdated reference to UG-45(c) in the nozzle form under Unit Stresses on the Weld Paths tab and also in the nozzle report under the same section.  The reference was repaced with just UG-45.  DC-579
  • An issue was resolved that would cause an exception to occur if a WRC analysis was copied several times after WRC reports were run.  DC-516
  • An issue was resolved that was preventing the correct status from showing up in certain cases for heads that triggered the Appendix 1-4(f) calculations.  DC-481
  • Fixed some issues with the head copy to prevent multiple "left", "right", "top", or "bottom" heads to exist.  DC-804, DC-806


  • Several improvements have been made to the online knowledge base
  • The copyright was updated to 2017.  DC-763