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DesignCalcs version 2014.5

Aug 11, 2014

New Features

  • CBC 2013 (California Building Code 2013) added for wind and seismic.
  • The external corrosion allowance field is now available for heads/shells/and nozzles for all cases.

Issues Resolved

  • A sign issue was fixed in Acceptance Ratio 1 for the leg math that would affect the leg design when Acceptance Ratio 1 governed, the Leg Axial Stress was in compression, the leg axial stress exceeded 15% of Fa, and there were lateral loads.
  • A warning now appears on closing a support lug that has a repad to indicate that supplemental checks per WRC 107 or similiar methods may be wise for the repad.
  • Fixed an issue with the printed equations for Appendix 2 loose type reverse flange rigidity math. The thickness shown in the equation was not deducting the corrosion allowance even though the result was correctly deducting it.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the retention of manual changes to the nominal factor B value for heads.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented all the eligible reports from showing up in the report screen.
  • Fixed a geometry check that was not taking into account the angle of a conical skirt for determining the validity of a top plate or ring for base ring designs.
  • Fixed an issue with the Material ID for blind flanges on Studded Outlets. This sometimes caused an error message while printing the MAWP report and would leave some calculations off of the report.
  • Fixed an issue with an order of operations problem that sometimes printed an artificially low MAWP for Appendix 2 flanges depending on the reports printed before the MAWP or the components opened before the MAWP report was printed.
  • Fixed an issue with Jacket Closures which was preventing them from starting with their default material.
  • Fixed an issue with the Override check box for nozzle pressure. It now works when the "Allow a nozzle design to limit vessel MAWP rating" option is not being used.

User Interface

  • Several pop-ups no longer occur at report printing though they still occur during the editing of components. Reports have not been altered by this.
  • Updated the copywrite in the About screen to include 2014.
  • Removed the "Show Getting Started" default.
  • Removed the "Interpolate Material Values" default.
  • Removed the "Use Phone Format" default.
  • Removed "UCS-79" from the "Print Extreme Fiber" label in the defaults.
  • Removed the Braced Leg k value default.