CEI software is offered on a subscription basis. Our licensing can be somewhat confusing, but we try to keep it as simple as possible. We've attempted to explain below, but we're always happy to answer questions

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Software By Subscription

CEI software is offered on an annual subscription basis. Your subscription fee grants you access to all of the Code compliance adjustments, maintenance releases, and support services for twelve months. Subscription licenses take the guesswork out of your software budget. With traditional licensing, you may hesitate to purchase software in October for fear that all the cool new features will be in the April version. Subscription licensing removes that worry – October’s license fee gains you April’s updates, as well as those from any other month in your subscription period. And we make renewing easy – there are no lengthy contracts or confusing update policies.

Concurrent Licensing

Each license is concurrent, meaning it limits the number of active users allowed in the software at the same time. For instance, if you subscribe to 2 concurrent licenses, you may have an unlimited number of users but only 2 may access the software at the same time. The license key may be placed anywhere on a network for use by any person on that network up to the number of licenses purchased. Our licensing allows the use of terminal services, remote desktop, and virtualization. If you purchase five licenses for ProWrite, your three on-site employees can use the software at their work stations while your QA manager remotely accesses a virtual machine on the network from a job site. Plus you still have a seat left over for use by one of your part-time contractors.

A hardware license key, similar to a USB thumb drive, takes the headache out of managing licenses. No need to type in long strings of license numbers or to try to keep the license for each CD straight. Each license key can hold up to ten seats per product and just needs to be plugged into a computer on your network to work. It’s really that easy.

Certain network configurations can limit the functionality of the key. If you have issues getting your license key to work, please read our knowledge base article on troubleshooting licensing. If it is still not working, contact our support department and they will be happy to assist you.

For detailed information about the software license, please view our EULA.
Information about refunds and subscription cancellation can be found in our Refund Policy.