Move from paper to pixels with ProWrite. Electronic welding documents offer you accountability and flexibility, putting the information into the hands of those who need it with a few clicks of a mouse.

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Reports & Continuity

Welder Management

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ProWrite includes many useful reports, such as Welder Qualified and WPS Qualified. With the report dialog, you can filter and sort to find the information that you need. For instance, if you have 5 welders on a site and just received a request for a tig (GTAW) weld, you can launch the report dialog, set the appropriate filters, and quickly find which of those 5 welders are qualified.

Welder Reports

  • Continuity Report
  • Expiration Summary
  • Continuity History (in 2 or 3 column layout)
  • Stamp Summary
  • Inspection Defect Percentage
  • Personal Information Summary
  • Expiration Inspection Report

Quick Reference Reports

  • PQR Quick Reference
  • WPS Quick Reference
  • WPQ Quick Reference

WPS Reports

  • Qualified WPS
  • Qualified Welders
  • Qualified BPS
  • Qualified Brazers

Report Design Services

While we have made every effort to provide reports that cover a wide variety of situations, we know there will be situations that call for specialized reports. To this end, CEI will work with you to create a ProWrite report that fits your needs. Contact for more details.

Welder Continuity

Welder continuity is the process of tracking a welder's history and qualifications. ProWrite stores all of this information with the welder so it is simple to determine a welder's qualifications. Tracking welder continuity helps you keep your welders from expiring so you can avoid costly re-qualifications.

Beyond a few basic informational fields, you can enter as much or as little about each welder as you prefer. If you simply want a directory of your welders, ProWrite can do that. If you want complete weld and qualification history for all of your welders, ProWrite can do that, too. And everything in between.

Reports allow you to make the most of your welder data. A daily continuity log allows you to update multiple welders, processes, and methods quickly and easily. The log includes the welders' expiration dates in addition to other data about recent activity. The Welder Inspection report can also be run to identify upcoming expirations.