FormPro SQL™

FormPro is a robust multi-user SQL database solution that can support dozens of users and well over 100,000 forms with no performance degradation.

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12-month Enterprise subscription

FormPro handles multiple users, complex form needs, and a heavy dose of customization with style. Over 10 years of form revisions are available across five form groups and our modular licensing allows you to subscribe to the forms you need while ignoring those you don’t.

Unparalleled Data Access

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Using Microsoft® SQL Server allows FormPro to grow with your business. In addition to your form data, you will have access to a database for customers and vessel locations so you can locate your data faster, plus the extensive materials database that makes data entry a snap.

Automatic Tracking

FormPro automatically creates and maintains a sequential list of the serial numbers of your boilers and pressure vessels for your National Board® and Repair Logs.