CEI is innovating around the clock to bring you the most useful application of the ASME® Code. DesignCalcs boasts an extensive data library complete with industry data and methodologies to make Code compliance easier than ever.

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Powerful reporting capabilities allow DesignCalcs to produce some of the best reports in the industry. These reports are highly customizable and have flexible output options that allow you to transport and share them in a manner convenient to you.

Reports can consist of any combination of individual components, analyses, test results, and vessel summaries. Physical (printed from a printer) and digital (printed to a PDF, viewed on screen) output options are available. Included Code formulas, values, and results are presented algebraically to provide a complete audit trail for your inspectors and quality control personnel.

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The contents of the reports are completely customizable. You decide which sections are included and in what order they appear. You may choose to have a simple report - consisting of a table of contents, one or two components, and a vessel summary - or a more complex report that delves into analyses and tests. It's completely up to you. The cover page and summary report can be personalized, as can the company information. There are also options for including images of the vessel captured from the 3D render panel.

Our reports are generally considered the best in the industry. Click an image below to view a sample report (PDF format).

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