CEI is innovating around the clock to bring you the most useful application of the ASME® Code. DesignCalcs boasts an extensive data library complete with industry data and methodologies to make Code compliance easier than ever.

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At CEI we believe in conservation and utility. There is no need to buy an expansive piece of software that covers multiple Codes or components that you have no use for. To that end, we license our products in modules. We want to put the functionality you need into your hands without a lot of extra bulk and complexity.

DesignCalcs Core

This required module supplies the internal and external pressure design capabilities of cylindrical shells, heads, nozzles, and conical reducers. It includes all of the materials data from Section II, D for Division 1 vessels, all the pipe data from B36.10M, and all the flange ratings for off-the-shelf rated flanges from B16.5 and B16.47.

It also includes options for vacuum rings, lifting lugs, clamps, and jackets, as well as WRC-107 analysis. If you cannot use an off-the-shelf flange and need to go custom or make one using a full-face gasket, you have the ability to make both Appendix 2 flanges and Taylor Forge Bulletin 502 full-face gasket flanges.

DesignCalcs Core supports customary and metric units, the standard 3.5:1 safety factor as well as a safety factor of 4:1, and solving for both thickness and pressure.

Heat Exchanger

Design code-compliant tubesheets (U, fixed, and floating), bellows, and thick-walled expansion joints per UHX, Appendix 26, Appendix A, Paragraph UW-20, & Appendix 5.


Calculations for legs, lugs, and rings on vertical vessels, including wind and seismic requirements.


Calculations for the analysis of tall towers, skirts, and base rings, including wind and seismic requirements, pressure and dead load, and tension, compression, and flexure.


Calculations for horizontal vessels, including wind and seismic, Zick analysis, and saddles.



Components are the building blocks of a vessel - DesignCalcs allows you to quickly place those building blocks where they need to go. The user interface is designed to allow easy access to the components, vessel details, and data library. Components can be added, edited, arranged, and deleted from the Components panel while the 3D Render panel gives you a real-time, 360° view of your vessel design.

Component design has been simplified with vessel-level pressure and temperature controls. A shell can be created in the time it takes to set the length and diameter. Elliptical, torispherical, and hemispherical heads can be designed by entering just the skirt diameter.

Basic Components

  • Shell
  • Head
  • Reducer
  • Nozzle
  • Studded Outlet
  • Off the Shelf (Rated) Flange
  • Custom Appendix 2 Flange
  • Ring Stiffener (Vacuum Ring)
  • Clamp

Jacketed Vessel Components

  • Jacket Shell
  • Jacket Head
  • Jacket Reducer
  • Jacket Closure

Shell/Tube Heat Exchanger Components

  • Channel Shell
  • Channel Head
  • Channel Reducer
  • Tube
  • Fixed Tube Tubesheet
  • Floating Tubesheet
  • U-Tube Tubesheet
  • Thin Wall Expansion Joint
  • Thick Wall Expansion Joint

Structural Components

  • Lifting Lug
  • Saddle
  • Leg
  • Supporting Lug
  • Supporting Ring
  • Skirt
  • Intermediate Support
  • Base Ring