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We believe that engaging in a meaningful way with staff, vendors, customers, and community is a crucial aspect of a successful business. We are active in our local community - where we live and work - and we support the wider world around us with community outreach programs and sustainability initiatives.

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GPSPCA Corporate Volunteer Day

At 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 22nd, a group of CEI team members, family, and friends was gathered in the reception area at the Great Plains SPCA Independence campus, waiting to hear their assignments for our corporate volunteer day.

As you can imagine, keeping hundreds of dogs and cats fed and comfortable creates a mountain of laundry and a truckload of dishes. A good portion of the day was spent washing blankets, beds, pillows, towels, Kongs, and food bowls. The kids were excited to be encouraged to get messy as they created enrichment boxes for the dogs to help alleviate boredom. But by far the most difficult task* was sharing cuddles and treats with all of the cats waiting for their forever homes.

a composite image of CEI team members at the animal shelter

Three hours later, we were wet, dirty, tired, sticky, and covered in cat hair, but everyone was all smiles as we gathered for a group photo in front of the building. We even managed to a collect some folks from the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

a group photo of the CEI team in front of the shelter

Great Plains SPCA's mission is to drive change in the community through innovative programs that promote adoption, outreach, veterinary care, and a better life for pets and the people who love them. They began operating the 28,000 square foot Regional Animal Shelter in Independence, MO in April 2013

* This truly is the most difficult part of volunteering at the animal shelter if you don't wish to go home with new pets. In fact, two kittens went home with a couple of our volunteers that day.

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