Outreach Events

We believe that engaging in a meaningful way with staff, vendors, customers, and community is a crucial aspect of a successful business. We are active in our local community - where we live and work - and we support the wider world around us with community outreach programs and sustainability initiatives.

a blue grid curving into the distance

City Imagineerium

On Saturday, April 11th, members of the CEI team joined other volunteers from around the Kansas City area to assist with LEARN Science & Math Club's annual event, City Imagineerium

Kids from all over town are invited to spend the day building the City of Their Dreams! Saturday morning, as kids arrive for this huge event, they will “apply” for a building permit, be issued a “plot of land” and mountains of recycled materials. Then, they can spend as long as they like building their dream city.

CEI was on hand to encourage and help the kids in whatever way was needed, whether through handing out stickers praising their efforts or using box cutters to create doors and windows in their cardboard buildings. We saw some amazing creations from some awesome kids and we're looking forward to the Engineering Extravaganza in the fall.

a composite image of CEI team members helping out at City Imagineerium

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