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We believe that engaging in a meaningful way with staff, vendors, customers, and community is a crucial aspect of a successful business. We are active in our local community - where we live and work - and we support the wider world around us with community outreach programs and sustainability initiatives.

a blue grid curving into the distance

Heart Walk 2014

CEI had a successful spring as we achieved our Heart Walk hat trick. 

CEI employees dressed in red

Our internal competition heated up, pitting DC fans against Marvel fans. Though the two teams were neck and neck for most of the fundraising period, a last-minute social media push by the team captain nudged Marvel into the lead.

CEI's fundraising activities included a company game night, a yard sale, and the annual competitive coin drive, with points awarded to each internal team based on participation. This year's team shirts once again brought the internal teams together: they featured an Iron Man-inspired design on the front while on the back the sponsor logos were prominently displayed in a spotlight reminiscent of the Bat-Signal.

a snapshot of the CEI team at the KC Heart Walk

This year we also had the honor of being an AHA Super Team, meaning we raised over $3,000 for the American Heart Association - Kansas City.


We would not have had such a successful event without the support of our sponsors:

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