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We believe that engaging in a meaningful way with staff, vendors, customers, and community is a crucial aspect of a successful business. We are active in our local community - where we live and work - and we support the wider world around us with community outreach programs and sustainability initiatives.

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Heart Walk 2012

Our software helps people create strong vessels. We joined the Kansas City Heart Walk to encourage people to keep their own vessels and cardiovascular pipelines strong. Our goal is to raise funds and to raise awareness: heart disease is the No.1 killer in the United States - no one is immune (we all have hearts!), but your risk can be reduced by exercising for as little as 30 minutes each day. The AHA provides resources for making healthier decisions and living healthier lives. And that is something we at CEI can wholeheartedly support.

With a combination of fundraising events and competitions, CEI raised over $4500 in 2012 for the American Heart Association in Kansas City.

We would not have had such a successful event without the support of our sponsors:

Taxes By Me. TJR

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