We are always interested in adding motivated and talented members to the CEI family. Take a look at the sections below for a general idea of what we’re looking for and to decide if we are what you’re looking for.

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Source code, not dress code

At CEI we work in project-based teams that are responsible for setting and reaching their goals without micromanagement. We thrive on the unique contributions from each member of the team and strive to encourage each individual to build and own their space.

You will be much more than a cog in a machine at CEI. Because we are a small company dealing with a highly specialized industry, your effect on decisions will have the potential to shape the market.

Open Positions

These are the positions we're actively looking to fill. If there's nothing that suits you but you feel you would be a good fit for CEI, please submit your resume through one of the departments below.

Currently seeking: Sales and Marketing Associate


Jun 19, 2014, 21:35 PM

Our engineering team takes on the unenviable task of deciphering pressure vessel codes and calculations and translating that knowledge into information our developers and support team can understand.

The most important skill to cultivate as a CEI engineer is the ability to understand the domain and communicate the necessary points without explaining the entire domain concept. You need to be a fast learner with the ability to self-manage: we have a very loose management style and we’re looking for full team members, not clock-punching automatons.

The ideal addition to our engineering team will have a background in engineering or mathematics. An engineering degree is always nice; it’s not a requirement, but you can’t be a PE without first being an E and we really like our alphabet soup. Some familiarity with the pressure vessel industry (codes & standards, specs, welding procedures, etc.) would also be super. Bonus points for working knowledge of FitNesse, Math CAD, and Test Complete.

If you like the idea of keeping pressure vessels from going BOOM! while working in a relaxed environment where your nerdiness will be appreciated, drop us a line at and we’ll compare decoder rings.

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