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a headshot of J Sutherland

J Sutherland

Code Ninja

"They don’t think it be like it is, but it do" – Oscar Gamble

J is a master of the meme, a wizard of wit, a sultan of snark. He has a clever comeback for every occasion. But under that jolly exterior lies a dark force. A force that can reclaim the Arathi Basin Lumber Mill from the Alliance. Solo.

When he turns that focused energy on the source code, we watch in awe as he traps tightly-coupled entities and backstabs bugs. None dare enter his space for fear of disturbing the rogue at work. Plus he has his keyboard set up all weird.

a headshot of Jim Shearer

Jim Shearer


After 45+ years servicing the pressure vessel and welding industry our founder, Jim Shearer, has retired!

With his first fabrication shop operating in the early 1970’s, Jim began his career designing and fabricating pressure vessels.  After many years in the industry, Jim decided to merge his vast working knowledge of pressure vessels and welding along with his computer programming knowledge and CEI was born in 1986.  CEI was one of the first companies to merge engineering knowledge along with computer programming; hence “Computer Engineering” became a reality.

He sends his heartfelt thanks to the thousands of customers, inspectors, and students who CEI has helped throughout the years and loves the idea that his life’s work is continuing with Vela Software.  “After becoming acquainted with Vela and discovering how the company operates, I knew that CEI would be in good hands and my life’s work or legacy would not just continue, but thrive.”

Jim Shearer

a headshot of Mike Clark

Mike Clark, P.E.

Vessel Calc Guy

"What color are their hands now?" – Fozzie Bear

From an early age, Mike was destined to live a life of acronyms and initialisms. Born in KC, he earned a BSME from UMKC and then went on to add PE to his name. He enjoys playing WoW and is involved with ASME and BSA. Mike is also a regular donor at the CBC. And, of course, he works at CEI where he is the lead advocate for DC.

Mike draws on his engineering, tutoring, and calculus skills to direct the progress of DesignCalcs and explain the nuts and bolts of pressure vessel design to those of us without PE behind our names. When he is not teaching people to be Awesome!, Mike entertains us with his amazing headstand push-ups.

a headshot of Mike Hartnett

Mike Hartnett

Chief Entropy Mitigation Officer
"We are all of us born with a letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die". - Douglas Coupland

The man with the plan: Mike is prepared for every possible situation from a zombie attack to an unexpected business casual luncheon. So far the yummiest plan is that for office absences – it calls for a gift of Christopher Elbow chocolates to his coworkers.

This level of preparedness requires Mike to be well-versed in a wide variety of subjects. At any given moment he may be found at the opera, quoting HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) at a meeting, playing Hooverball, simultaneously testing all of our products, or listening to 90s chick music while he decorates cakes. Hey, he’s well-rounded!

a headshot of Nathan Sheaffer

Nathan Sheaffer

Support Hero

"Bazinga!" – Sheldon Cooper, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.

After talking to Nathan, you will find that he is the most mild-mannered, easy-going person you have ever met. Family first and everything else second is his motto, but he still finds time to stay up to speed on many of his favorite things. He has an overwhelming urge to know how things work and a great knack for fixing things that have stopped working - a bit of a tinkerer, if you will. This drive to understand and improve fuels his superlative customer service and exceptional tech support skills.

Not satisfied with assisting people only during his working hours, Nathan is also very active in his church as well as volunteering for community service programs through CEI and the vaping (aka electronic cigarette) community.