Meet CEI: Antonio Howard

We form partnerships with our customers. It's easier to forge these relationships when you know who you are working with. To that end, we like to tell you about ourselves so you get a glimpse of who is behind that voice on the phone or who you're listening to during our webinars.

a blue grid curving into the distance
a snapshot of Antonio Howard at Fabtech

Super-fly Math Guy & Metal Joining Code Authority

"We are the products of the decisions we make." – Mark Parker

Antonio has been a member of the CEI engineering team since July of 2007. As a child, Antonio enjoyed fixing things with his hands and aspired to be a mechanic; an unfortunate encounter with the electrically-charged innards of a television inspired a change of heart, however, and he ended up with a degree in applied mathematics.

For Antonio, the best part of working at CEI is the CEI team itself. His coworkers are like the "smart side of the family" - with a combination of great heart and wit. The addition of cots has left CEI with very little wanting improvement, but Antonio wouldn't mind if breakfast and lunch were part of the deal.


Antonio on thinkTANK: