About Us

We form partnerships with our customers. These relationships are based on trust - we will deal with you honestly. We will work with you to determine which products fit your needs; we won't oversell you or convince you to buy something you don't want and will never use.

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Mission Statement

At CEI, our mission is to provide creative tools that empower our clients to excel in the welding and pressure vessel industry. We are engaged with our customers, our community, and our industry. We remain focused on customer satisfaction while embracing flexibility and transparency in our processes and relationships.

Our story

In 1986, Jim Shearer was working as an engineer and project manager for a firm in the pressure vessel and power piping industry. Frustrated with the tedious hand calculations required for bids, he looked to his passion for computers and found that he could combine that with his engineering knowledge to automate ASME Section VIII calculations. After spending evenings and weekends toiling over his creation, Jim shared the program with his friend and colleague. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

"You should be selling this"

Hesitant to sell Pressure Vessel Design software to a market that was slow to adopt computers, Jim gathered a small mailing list of about 100 companies and sent out a brochure. Again, the response was an enthusiastic "Yes!" From that drive and ambition, our flagship product Advanced Pressure Vessel was created.

A growing market

Customer demand and requests for additional capabilities within the software were evidence that a market existed for engineers who wanted to utilize computers to help them with their careers. CEI was born to serve the needs of this growing market. Jim hired his first programmer in the fall of 1987. By the fall of 1988, work began on the first version of ProWrite S9. CEI soon solidified its position as a market leader by being the only engineering software developer to offer a solution for ASME Section VIII and Section IX.

In the early 1990s, the company was outgrowing its facilities in Jim's basement. CEI expanded past the capabilities of the rented offices after just a few years, so in 1996 we designed and built our current headquarters in lovely Blue Springs, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Software. Knowledge. Service.

Today, CEI is a family of highly motivated individuals working to provide creative tools that empower our clients to excel. We actively participate in Code Committees (ASME, AWS, & API) and are invested in shaping the future of our industry. We form partnerships with our clients and focus on customer satisfaction at the highest level. Even after a quarter century of innovation and development, we're still driven to seek out new ways to improve client experience.

CEI is a Vela Owned Corporation

Vela Software acquires, manages, and builds mission-critical vertical market software businesses that are located throughout the world. Vela is an Operating Group of Constellation Software Inc.